Don't Sugar Coat It Book

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"Don't Sugar Coat It"

The Untold Story of Diabetes,
Dentistry and Your Health

If you want to discover how to sbetter control your blood sugar levels, lose weight, live a happier, healthier, longer life and have a movie star smile, then this will be the most important letter you’ll read all year.

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Dr. Charles Martin has just revealed a new book about the powerful link between your oral health and diabetes that even most doctors don’t know about. This book could save your life.

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What's increasing your body’s resistance to insulin and making your blood sugar levels increasingly more difficult to control (This is something no one has ever told you before that you must know.)

• Little known facts about Type 2 Diabetes and how your oral health dramatically affects your overall health.

• The silent enemy attacking your body right now…that could be taking years off of your life…and the simple steps you can take to defeat it.

The closed loop connection inside your body, which is endangering your life. (It's easy to break this connection once you know how.)

What the United States Surgeon General calls America's "silent epidemic" (It's 200%-400% worse in diabetics but you can easily and automatically avoid it...You’ll learn how.)

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