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Dr. Charles Martin, Founder
Expert Columnist for DLife

Did you know?: There is a "closed loop" between your dental health, gum disease/health, and dental care and the worsening or improvement of your ability to successfully control your blood sugar levels? And did you know: all dentists are not equally prepared to assist Diabetics with their dental health, periodontal care, implant dentistry or restoration after years of inadequate care, if needed?
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Find out how a simple visit to the right dentist could help with your diabetes! ...and how having avoided dental care, having poor gum health, under the gum line low-level infections, loose teeth or other dental problems can be a Secret Enemy fighting your efforts to manage your diabetes. (And, know this: whatever has kept you from getting the optimum, complete dental care you need in the past should not concern you now. Today's methods can actually be virtually pain free, you can be assured of respectful, compassionate care in a relaxed environment, never any criticism for having put off treatment, and every dental problem has a solution.)

Look Who Else Relies on DentistryForDiabeticsSM...

I am a diabetic. I was concerned...

"I made the inital call to Dr. Charles Martin, D.D.S., & Associates because my gums were swollen and bleeding and my dentist at that time said, "Oh, it's no big deal." Well, I knew it was a big deal, especially since I am a diabetic. I was concerned, I wanted a dentist that I felt comfortable with.

My treatment and appointments have always gone smooth, because right up front I told the doctors that I am going to watch everything you do, how you do it, and I want to know why you are doing it, or I wonít let you do it. Both of the dentists I have had here said, "Okay, fine." My comfort level during and after the procedures was fine, I was a little sore for a day after the last root canal but that was to be expected. I feel the quality of care I have received here has been excellent.

What I like most about continuing to receive dental care from Dr. Charles Martin, D.D.S., & Associates is that they keep me informed. I know what they are going to do and why it needs to be done. In other words, they donít just jump in and start doing things. I am kept informed from the beginning of my visit to the end. This keeps me at ease, however they are usually surprised when I ask for a mirror so I can actually watch what they are doing.

I am pleased with my smile and I do smile all the time. I do think this office has helped me overcome any dental fears I may have had.

Catherine Dodson

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