Informed Newsletter for
the Health Care Professional

Inside this Issue
Issue 1
  • The Growing Number of Diabetics in America: The Medical-Dental Partnership
  • Periodontal Disease in Diabetic Patients: Influences and Implications for Medical Professionals
  • Treatment Considerations for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Issue 2
  • What You Don’t Know. . . May Hurt Your Patients
  • Control and Care are Key in Preventing Periodontal Disease
  • What’s Clicking? Identifying Lifestyle Factors — Risk and Control
    in Oral Care
Issue 3
  • The Biggest Treatment Challenge: Helping Patients
  • Interventions, Treatments and Standards Abound — What Matters Most is Achieving Treatment Goals
  • Comorbidities Defy Classification — Treatment Does Not
  • What’s Clicking? When to Test Asymptomatic Adults
Issue 4
  • Effects of Periodontal Disease & Diabetes — A Two Way Street
  • Periodontal Disease Linked to Vascular Disease in Diabetic Patients
  • Periodontal Treatment for Diabetic Patients
  • What’s Clicking? Reducing CVD Risk Factors
Issue 5
  • Oral Health for Adolescents How Important is it?
  • Children and Adolescents with Diabetes: They Aren’t Simply Small
  • How and Why that Applies to Oral Health
  • Periodontitis: Pathogen or Predictor?
  • What’s Clicking? Plasma Blood Glucose Goals for Infants, Children,
    & Adolescents
Issue 6
  • The Aging Diabetic: Frailty, Comorbidity & Oral Health
  • Aging and Xerostoma
  • Aging, Yeast Infections, Dental Caries, Oral Ulcers, &
    Oral Prosthetics
Issue 7
  • Diabetes Mellitus 1 & 2: How they affect Oral Health?
  • Type 1 v. Type 2 Diabetes and Oral Health: What We Know
  • Additional Research: Similar Findings, More In-depth Data
  • What’s Clicking? Referral to Physician Key to Diabetic Care
Issue 8
  • Preventive Oral care for DM: Why Not?
  • Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Making Risky Choices
  • Cost, Lack of Awareness at Root of Patient Choices
  • What’s Clicking? Dentists Trained in Diabetic Care
Issue 9
  • Glycemic Control and Periodontal Destruction
  • Etiology Behind Glycemic Levels and Periodontal Disease Rates
  • Mechanisms Behind Periodontal destruction
  • What’s Clicking? Dentistry For Diabetics
Issue 10
  • How a Group of Dentists Responded to Growing Needs of Diabetics
  • Why DentistryForDiabetics?
  • A Question & Answer Interveiw with the Founder of DentistryForDiabeticssm
Issue 11
  • Part 2 of DentistryForDiabetics: How Dentists Respond to Needs of Diabetics
  • A Brief Re-introduction of DentistryForDiabeticssm Organization
  • Part 2 of a Question & Answer Interveiw with the Founder of DentistryForDiabeticssm
Issue 12
  • A Review of the Most Compelling Research into Oral Health and Diabetes
  • Oral Health Diseases Among Top Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus and Co morbidity
  • Convergence of Risk and response will Decide the Health Outcome for Diabetic Patients
  • Gum Disease, Smoking & Diabetes
Issue 13
  • New Perspectives Patient Treatment
  • Diabetic Patient Care Top of Mind for Many Different Health Care Organizations
  • What's Clicking? American Heart Association, Inflammation, Heart Dissease and Stroke: The role of C-Reactive Protein
Issue 14
  • ADA, JAMA and DFD Respond to Oral health and Diabetes Research
  • Periodontitis & NIDDM: Studies Probe Connections
  • Periodontitis, NIDDM Share Patietn Demographics
Issue 15
  • Pregnancy, Diabetes & Periodontitis
  • Periodontal Disease Linked to Gestational Diabetes, Poor Glycemic Control (for those with existing Diabetes Mellitus)
  • How Periodontitis May Trigger Inflammatory Response, Insulin Resistance in the Pregnant Individual
  • What's Clicking" Preventive Oral Care Program Recommended by DentistryForDiabetics
Issue 16
  • Identifying Oral-Systemic Connections
  • A Review of Specific Oral Health Diseases Associated with Diabetes Mellitus
  • What's Clicking? Indicators for Oral diseases Associated with Diabetes
Issue 17
  • Type 2 Diabetes and Young People
  • Rise of Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents Complex and Multi-faceted
  • Oral Diseases Uniquely Hazardous to Young People
  • What's Clicking? Types of Diabetes in Children
Issue 18
  • Diabetes, Periodontitis: Risks & Rewards
  • Risk Factors Multiply Effects of Diabetes and Periodontal Disease
Issue 19
  • Risks & Rewards: Part 2
  • More Shared Risk Factors Futher Multiply Effects of Diabetes, Periodontal Disease
Issue 20
  • Risks & Rewards: Part 2
  • Diabetes and Periodontitis, and a Focus on Inflammation
  • A Syndemic Approach
  • What's Clciking? Screening for Periodontal Disease
Issue 21
  • The Great Healthcare Debate
  • The Great Healthcare Debate and Diabetes
  • Who Will Decide?
Issue 22
  • The Year in Review
  • Awareness and Education
  • A Call for Research