October 28, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg Says Take Care Of Your Teeth Before It’s Too Late

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 Did you happen to see Whoopi Goldberg on the TV show “The View” last week when she told the whole world about her experience with dental health problems? Her co-hosts said she showed up at the office with a face that was so swelled up from emergency gum surgery that she couldn’t even look down to dial the phone.

As Whoopi tells it, “For years and years I let my mouth go and I am paying the price. I am losing teeth because I am losing bone. I brought this on myself and I could have prevented it. Your mouth is connected to your entire system, to your immune system. If you do not take care of your mouth you are not taking care of your body and it will kill you.”
Fortunately, she appears to be on the right path back to good health. But she obviously had quite a scare. And she’s absolutely right – your oral health is inextricably connected with your overall health in so many ways. The body uses parts of its immune system to fight off infection from oral bacteria. That portion of the immune system is known as the inflammation response. The more this system and the bacteria fight against each other, the more damage it does to your body.
That’s especially true with diabetes, which makes your gum tissue more susceptible to oral bacteria. Here are some of our previous articles about elevated blood sugar and how it increases your risks of gum disease.


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